We are the licensed money lender that specializing in business loan. We are well known in following loan:

  1. Business Loan
  2. SME Loan
  3. Working Capital Loan
  4. Commercial Loan

When business owners have urgent cash needs for their business, they usually look for commercial loans. It may be “SME Loans”, corporate loans, commercial funds, working capital loans, factory loans, hawker loans and personal loans. Loans can be used for operation purposes, business experience or emergency capital expenditure requirements.

Sometimes, there is a chance to repay in advance and you will entitle to receive rebate on full settlement of account. Or have the opportunity to buy stocks or equipment at a discounted price. Due to the financial difficulties of seller, it may also be a business expansion opportunity. In addition, your customer may delay repayments, which can effect your operation cash flow. Therefore, these urgent business financing needs are crucial.

Whether it’s a service, a transaction or a small manufacturing business, our loans can help you maintain your financial interests.

Our financing solutions are meant to overcome your financial hardship such as housing loan, home renovation, car financing, education loan, credit card repayment and others. The loan repayment scheme submitted is very flexible and affordable as we understand the financial capacity as an employee or salaried worker.

Loan can be classified as loan with collateral (secured) and without collateral (unsecured). This loan is applicable to business and individual.

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We are well known in following loan

Business Loan

SME Loan

Working Capital Loan

Commercial Loan


Licensed & Regulated by KPKT

We are a licensed money lender that is regulated by KPKT.

Low Interest Personal Loan

Get your personal loan from us today & benefit from the lowest monthly interest rates in KL & Selangor.

Flexible Repayment Plan

We offer loan repayment schemes that can be fully repaid in 6 months up to 60 months.


We do not charge any upfront fees. Understand that any agency that charges any upfront fee is likely a scam. Do not pay any fee out to anyone that requires any upfront fee for your loan to be approved!

Genuine Money Lender

There are a lot of scams on the Internet today. Many websites are run by syndicates that are looking to part you with your hard earned money.

Fast Loan Approvals

Apply for your loan with us online now, or get in touch with us through Whatsapp/Phone call. Get your loan approved within just 2 hours today!

Low Loan Approval Requirements

Fast & easy loan approvals. Low approval criteria & requirements.

Low Monthly Installments

Very low monthly installments. Spread out your repayment to a maximum of 60 months & enjoy very low monthly payments.

Friendly & Ready to Help

Our customer service agents are ready to help & serve you with a smile. Get in touch with us today via whatsapp/sms/phone if you need any help.